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Provincial Inland Fish Enforcement Officers Arrest Poachers

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Recent Inland Fish Enforcement operations near Dover, Bonavista Bay, on July 11, led to the arrests of two individuals for allegedly illegally netting salmon and trout in coastal waters. Officers seized a boat, outboard motor and nets, along with salmon and trout.
Inland Fish Enforcement operations near the community of Peterview in the Bay of Exploits led to the arrests of three individuals on July 23 for allegedly illegally netting salmon. Officers seized two nets and five Atlantic salmon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Surveillance operations by Inland Fish Enforcement (IFE) officers are continuing to keep Newfoundland and Labrador inland fish stocks safe from poachers. In recent weeks, IFE has dismantled nine illegal netting operations, resulting in the seizure of four boats and three outboard motors, 14 illegal nets and a significant quantity of salmon and trout.

 So far this year, IFE officers have dealt with 210 violations and laid charges against 80 individuals for fish-related offences. In addition, officers have laid charges against 76 individuals for a range of wildlife, ATV and firearms violations. As well, since January of this year, fines resulting from IFE operations exceed $25,000.

IFE investigations into alleged illegal netting over the last four weeks include the following:

  • On July 23, three individuals were apprehended near the community of Peterview in the Bay of Exploits for netting Atlantic salmon. Officers seized two nets and five Atlantic salmon;
  • On July 21, near Pound Cove on the Baie Verte Peninsula, officers arrested one individual for netting salmon in coastal waters and seized nets and six large salmon;
  • Officers apprehended two individuals near the community of Dover, Bonavista Bay, on July 11, for netting salmon and trout in coastal waters. Officers seized a boat and outboard motor, nets, and a quantity of salmon and trout;
  • Separate investigations into netting in coastal waters on the Northern Peninsula led to arrests and seizures. On June 29, officers arrested three individuals near Englee, seizing a boat, nets and related equipment. On July 5, near Flower's Cove, officers seized a boat and outboard motor, and a variety of fishing equipment, including nets; and,
  • On July 7, two individuals were apprehended for being in possession of a salmon net near Harry's River in the Bay St. George area on the province's west coast.

IFE officers wish to remind anglers of the importance of properly, and immediately, cutting and removing the date of retention on their salmon tag, noting that it is an offence to possess an Atlantic salmon that is not properly tagged.  While compliance with the newly developed salmon tag has been extremely positive and well received, there have been instances where individuals have not been complying with salmon licence conditions. Tags must be immediately and securely locked through the gills and mouth of retained salmon, and the month and day must immediately be clearly cut out of the vinyl portion of the tag. So far this year, officers have seized 25 Atlantic salmon, fishing rods and associated licences related to improperly tagged salmon. 

The public are reminded that they can anonymously report suspected poaching activity 24-hours a day, toll free at 1-877-820-0999. To view photos of seizures relating to recent operations or to learn more about Inland Fish Enforcement and how to help, visit .

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