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Public Advisory: Anglers Reminded to be Aware of Defective Salmon Tags and Practice Responsible Angling

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Luke Joyce
Director of Communications
Department of Justice and Public Safety
709-729-6985, 725-4165

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Anglers in the province are reminded that some salmon angling tags that accompany salmon angling licences issued by the Wildlife Division may have defects.

Defect 1: Card Quality
Tags have been discovered where the card portion, which contains the licence number, colour coding and calendar sequencing which records the date of retention, can be broken with moderate handling, and with less than excessive force.

Anglers are advised to take caution when handling and attaching tags to a salmon. It remains mandatory regardless of the condition of the card, to immediately affix and lock the tag through the gills and mouth of the salmon, and to ensure that the month and day of capture is cut out and removed. Should the card break, anglers are asked to retain all portions of the tag until they return to their place of residence.

Replacement licences will not be issued for defective cards.

Defect 2: Faulty Locking Mechanism
Tags have been discovered with faulty locking mechanisms where the tag strap does not have the proper end necessary to lock the tag closed. Licence vendors have been asked to check tags prior to being sold and return affected tags to the Wildlife Division for a refund. If, despite being checked by licence vendors, an individual discovers a tag to have this defect they should return the tag to the vendor from which they purchased it and receive a replacement licence and tags.

Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Division officers and other enforcement agencies involved in protecting salmon stocks within the province are aware of the issues presented by the distribution of defective tags. Officers will work with resident and non-resident anglers to ensure awareness exists concerning these defects and to ensure anglers use these tags in a manner that is consistent with the legislation. Officers will continue to investigate occurrences of tampering or improper use of tags not related to the defects, which are offences under the Wild Life Regulations and where necessary and appropriate charges could be laid.

Further information is available through the Wildlife Division at 709-637-2025

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